Run by the needle exchange program Prevention Point

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cheap Canada Goose This is a place that reserves judgment. Residents most of whom are in canada goose outlet price opioid addiction don’t have to be in recovery or detox, a standard many would find impossible while living rough. Run by the needle exchange program Prevention Point, canada goose shop regent street the shelter has taken in 160 people and ushered five dozen of them into treatment in the year it’s been open.. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose Worst thing this nation ever did was allow Confederate monuments to be put up any where. While I have little respect for Lee (a worse traitor than Benedict Arnold) he was right on one thing after the war, don’t commemorate the thing, no statues, no parades, no celebrations. Why? look here Because Lee was smart enough, shamed enough and grateful enough to realize he got away with his neck unstretched. canada goose

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