Members of Highland Council’s Planning Committee are now to

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cheap canada goose uk Theschemes also lie within the Ben Nevis and Glen Coe National Scenic Area, the Glen Etive and canada goose stockists uk Glen Fyne Special Protection Area and within Wild Land Area 9 Loch Etive Mountains.Members of Highland Council’s Planning Committee are now to visit the glen for themselves before making a decision on the planning application, a move whichMountaineering Scotland said shows councillors are canada goose outlet toronto seriously considering the impact of the schemes.Stuart Younie, cheap canada goose chief executive officer of Mountaineering cheap canada goose coats uk Scotland, said: challenged The Highland Council on its stewardship of Glen Etive and urged them to look at the whole picture of development in the glen rather than treating each application in isolation, so it is encouraging to seethem visit the glen in person rather than relying on individual applications on paper. Scotland has objected to the hydro schemes up on the open hillside to the east of the River Etive, but not the ones that lie within the existing forestry plantation. The seven proposed schemes straddle both sides of the glen.Davie Black, access and conservation officer with Mountaineering Scotland, said: Council has the stewardship of this scenic glen and mountains in its hands cheap canada goose uk.

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