And Melgen often brought along a guest on his luxury jaunts

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canada goose coats 2. Self improvment. A. That is how I came to know Paul. We both admired Casey and I admired Paul. He was a shrewd observer of politics and a fabled practitioner of politics’ darker arts. Both Melgen and his wife, Flor, began donating to Menendez’s campaigns, contributing more than $750,000 to the senator’s coffers during the course of their friendship. In addition to the canada goose on black friday campaign cash and frequent vacations at the doctor’s villa, Menendez, who is divorced, took a total of 19 flights on Melgen’s private jet and stayed at a five star hotel in Paris paid for by the eye doctor, according to a 68 page federal indictment against the senator. And Melgen often brought along a guest on his luxury jaunts, court papers say.. canada goose coats

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